Ephedra Containg Products

Ephedrine products are sold under dozens of brand names, to the right are some of the more popular brands.

The products are sold for a variety of reasons: ranging from weight loss to engery for work outs.

Many consumers may not be aware of the ephedra in the products or the levels or potency of the products.

If you have taken one of these products and have been injured you may want to Contact Ephedra Injury Lawyers

Product list:

Metabolife 356® (Metabolife International)

Ripped Fuel (TwinLab Laboratories)
Extreme Ripped Force (American Bodybuilding)
Diet Fuel (Twin Laboratories)
GH Fuel (TwinLab Laboratories)
Herba Fuel (TwinLab Laboratories)
MetaboLift (TwinLab Labortories)
ThermiCare® (Met-Rx USA)
ETA Stack® (Nutra Sport)
Xenadrine RFA-1® (Cytodyne Technologies)
Ultimate Orange (Next Nutrition, Inc)
UltraCuts (BioPlex)
Vasopro (Mega Pro International)
Adipokinex (Syntrax Innovations, Inc)
ThermoPlex (Bioplex)
Thermogenic Power (Nature's Herbs)
Chinese Ephedra (Frontiers, Inc.)
MetaCuts (Metaform)
Chinese Ma Huang (Gaia Herbs, Inc)
Lipokinetix (Syntrax Innovations, Inc)
Clenbutrx (Vital Pharm, Inc)
BetaLean HP (EAS)
Diet Pep (Natural Balance, Inc)
Diurlean (ISS Research)
Dyma-Burn Xtreme (Dymatize Nutrition)

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